Chat Highlights – Tues 15th November 2016

The chat on Tuesday night had some brilliant questions and answers. There were a few links being shared too, so we thought we’d share them for anyone who couldn’t make the event. From Twitter @ZwartblesIE: Yes there should be more done on woodland due to way to much acidity in soils growing commercial pines – in response to the tweeted question about woodlands vs hedgerows Erin: @all From a pollinator point of view, both hedgerows and woodlands can be helpful sources of food and shelter for our pollinating insects, depending on the species grown. Thanks for joining @ZwartblesIE! Catherine: yes one of the ‘easiest’ things farmers can do to help pollinators is to allow a few whitethorn trees grow up and mature within our hedgerows. Mod – Shane: @all I assume that there must be a balance between setting aside for polinators and using the land for production. Do we know … Continue reading

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