Chat Highlights – Tues 15th November 2016

The chat on Tuesday night had some brilliant questions and answers. There were a few links being shared too, so we thought we’d share them for anyone who couldn’t make the event.

From Twitter @ZwartblesIE: Yes there should be more done on woodland due to way to much acidity in soils growing commercial pines – in response to the tweeted question about woodlands vs hedgerows

Erin: @all From a pollinator point of view, both hedgerows and woodlands can be helpful sources of food and shelter for our pollinating insects, depending on the species grown. Thanks for joining @ZwartblesIE!

Catherine: yes one of the ‘easiest’ things farmers can do to help pollinators is to allow a few whitethorn trees grow up and mature within our hedgerows.

Mod – Shane: @all I assume that there must be a balance between setting aside for polinators and using the land for production. Do we know just how much needs to be put aside for an optimum mix? Or is it the more the merrier?

Erin: @Mod-Shane We do actually have an idea of how much land needs to be set aside for pollinators anyway. A study found last year that for common bumblebees to have enough food, there had to be 2% of flower rich habitat and 1km flowering hedgerows per 100 ha farmland.


zwartblesie: I’m a huge planter of diversity in hedgerows. Crab spindle holly hawthorn elder. I do get annoyed by ash trees sprouting like weeds. Their seeds are not wildlifes favourite so like willow spread like crazy

Catherine: or sycamore even worse!

zwartblesie: Yes Catherine very true. I also get cross when people plant loral or lylande

The next live chat is on Common Agriculture Policy – Pillar 2 at 8pm Thursday 17th November

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